The Story of Infinite Impact

Infinite Impact is a business started with a simple idea. We want to not only motivate ourselves, but ultimately motivate others to live their best lives.

Our goal is to inspire and help other Go-getters, Hustlers, No-obstacle-is-big-enough type people. We will make our dreams happen by helping you make yours happen, how's that for a deal?

Alongside giving you the passion to achieve your goals, we want to make your stop here at our website as easy and straightforward as we can. We would never sell anything we wouldn't personally wear and if it isn't up to our quality standards, it simply won't leave our shelves! Please feel free to contact us with any problems or suggestions!

Joshua Jackson

        I am a father to three beautiful children, who loves warm weather and the occasional Ping-Pong game. When not being wrapped up in my duties as a husband and father or enjoying the latest blockbuster movie, I try to to spend my time lifting, helping, and inspiring others. 

        There is far too much negativity in this world. If I can be a part of spreading the opposite in any small fashion, thats a cause worth pursuing.  

Thank you for your support.

Joshua Jackson,


Andrew Jackson

          Born in Layton, Utah in the late 90's, I moved between states more than a dozen times before graduating high school in 2015. 

          Once graduated, I followed my fathers footsteps into the United States Marine Corps, where I serve currently in the always sunny 29 palms, CA.

          The vagabond lifestyle suited my social preferences, however my mental health took a toll. I have always found ways to express myself through written word, drawing, painting, building things with my hands. I am constantly striving to find new ways to strive for greatness and stay motivated to make a difference in this world.                     Starting a motivational business with my brother has helped me realize just how important forward momentum is when you want to live a fulfilling life.

           Please follow us on our journey!


Instagram:   @andrewjozephj 

Thank you for your support.

Andrew Jackson,


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